Meeting IGP 13 novembre 2010

We did a beautiful photo-meeting last saturday in Bari, my city! From the flickr group Italian Girl Photographers:
Daniela Errico
Mariangela Martina
Francesca Male
Valentina Angiuli
and me!

Mariangela and Daniela

Rainbow bird


Mariangela Daniela and Francesca trying to photograph birds xD

Mariangela through my prism

Francesca through my prism

Francesca photographer flies in to the light xD

Francesca Mariangela and Daniela

Francesca Mariangela and Daniela - 2

Daniela's tiredness face tryinng to wake up with coffee

Mariangela *-*

Drinking coffee with Tiny raised xD

Valentina had come here and we took the opportunity to make the group photo.

First attempt at group photos xD (Daniela's fault! :P)

Second attempt (from left: Valentina, Daniela, Francesca, me, Mariangela)

Daniela makes note of the day to Valentina

It was an amazing day, hope to do it again, soon.(:

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