Vieste, as I saw it.

I don't like the sea, the summer is not my season, but I can't refuse a friend's invitation to Vieste. So I decided to bring my film camera with five rolls, as if I used only two, leaving home the digital one.

This rock has a terrible story: It dates from the 1554 siege of the city and looting committed by the Turks commanded by the terrible Dragut Rais. Tradition has it that this was the hardest, bloody and painful blow to the town throughout its history: it is told that Dragut has ordered to kill all Vieste's people that could not be sold as slaves. Disabled and old city were therefore conducted in the vicinity of the cathedral to be slaughtered, and then, beheaded on a boulder that, precisely because of the brutal massacre that saw him star, was renamed "Chianca Amara" (sour stone). That fateful day would fall from more than 5000 Vieste's people old, women and children and their heads were slipped down into the sea.

This big rock is the mean monument of Vieste and has a legend behind it.
It is said that when the city was only a village composed of huts and inhabited by fishermen scanty, there lived a young man named Pizzomunno tall and strong. In the same village there was also a girl of rare beauty, with long hair the color of the sun called Cristalda.
The two guys fell in love, loving each other madly, without which nothing could separate them. Pizzomunno every day faced the sea with his boat and promptly emerged from the waves of the sea sirens to sing sweet songs in honor of the fisherman. The sea creatures did not just sing, but captives of the look of Pizzomunno several times offered him immortality if he agreed to become their king and lover. The love that poured out of the young Cristalda, however, made it unnecessary offers of sirens.

One of the many evenings when the two lovers were waiting for the night on the island that sits off the coast, the mermaids, seized by a fit of jealousy, Cristalda attacked and dragged into the depths of the sea. Pizzomunno chased in vain for the voice of the beloved. The next day the fishermen found themselves transfixed by pain in the young white rock that still bears his name.

Legend has it that every hundred years, yet beautiful Cristalda back from the abyss to get to his young lover for one night and relive their old love.
Variants of the legend wants that the name of Vesta or young person is Vieste (tying the name of the city so this legend), or they want the pretty girl was the daughter of a sea goddess who was opposed to the love with the young Vieste their feeling that this was punished. Other variations on the theme they want the girl was the wife of Pizzomunno and was attacked as he waited on the beach for the return of fellow fisherman.

In mid-August we had a bonfire (the first of my life, don't blame me) and we saw the sunrise.



  1. Beautiful pictures, I remember Vieste well. I miss the town and the people; Il Grottinos (Pasquale), Rock Bar (Jiampe and Angie) and the Il Ginestre (Giovanni and family).

    And nothing compares to the sunrises on the beach, breath taking, good pictures.

    Larry Facio
    Sacramento, California

  2. Vieste is stunning and so peaceful place! I'm glad you enjoyed my pics, thanks :)